The Basics


I have compiled (and continually add to) a list of terms that someone who is new to the world of cannabis can reference when reading through posts or researching.


Disclaimer: These definitions are from my own brain (but have been researched to make sure they are correct)


Cannabis: A fibrous plant found all throughout the world. Can grow to be very tall, has large, serrated leaves and produces fragrant buds/flowers that are smoked or infused for medical and recreational purposes. Fibers are also used industrially for a variety of purposes.


Also known as marijuana, pot, weed, reefer, devil’s lettuce, mary jane, flower, bud, trees, green, skunk, kush, ganja, and many other street names


*Cannabis is the latin name for the plant and the proper terminology to use when having intelligent conversation


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): The most well known cannabinoid in cannabis. It has a psychoactive property that many associate with the notorious ‘high’ of cannabis. Used for both medical and recreational purposes.


CBD (Cannabidiol): Another cannabinoid found within cannabis. Only somewhat psychoactive and being tested for many different medical uses.


Cannabinoid: Different chemical compounds found within cannabis that react on the endocannabinoid system within our brains. Currently there are at least 111 known cannabinoids within cannabis.


Terpene: Diverse class of organic hydrocarbon compounds found within the oils and resins of plants. Often what gives the plant its distinct smell or taste.


Sativa: One variation of cannabis. Known for a lighter, more energetic high when consumed. Plants grow taller and thinner than other variations and leaves will have thinner and longer fingers. Can sometimes cause panic in people with high anxiety.


Indica: One variation of cannabis. Known for its effects on reducing pain and inducing sleep and additional sedative effects. Plants grow shorter and bushier with much thicker bunches of leaves. Leaves themselves will have wider fingers.


Flower: The buds of a cannabis which are used for medical and recreational purposes. Buds can be dried and smoked; purged into a concentrate; infused for cooking; or in instances with high THC-A l, can be consumed raw


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