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Why Am I Writing This Blog?

Hello! Welcome to Passion for the Plant. I am creating a lifestyle blog that is centered around cannabis because I have a passion for this plant. I believe wholeheartedly that cannabis and hemp both contain medical and industrial purposes that surpases what our current evaluations, acceptance, and laws allow them.


I am a 21 year old female (yes a female) who absolutely loves cannabis, and I do not ever want to go another day in my life without it. Call me a stoner? Maybe. But what is a stoner? Someone who enjoys cannabis and is proud of it? Okay, sure, call  me a stoner. However, the term ‘stoner’ comes with such a weird and negative connotation.


I currently live on my own in a small studio apartment with my Malamute puppy. I pay all my own bills, have my own car, I currently am working three different part-time jobs and I am a full-time student at a state university, plus I am now writing this blog. And I smoke/consume cannabis daily. Multiple times daily. So how can someone who seems to be a functioning and active member of society be successful while consuming so much cannabis? Well that’s because cannabis does not cause people to be lazy. In fact, medically, it does the exact opposite! I personally use cannabis for multiple reasons. Without going into too much detail in this post, I use cannabis medically to help with stomach pain (IBS), severe menstrual cramps, headaches, stress, sore muscles and more!


I believe that everyone would react well to cannabis, at least some form of it. My goal here, with Passion for the Plant is to provide a safe and accessible home where people whom have little experience or knowledge on cannabis can come to learn and find information from a real person with relatable experiences.


Who am I to think that people should listen to what I have to say? Well, I have been consuming cannabis for over four years, both recreationally and medically. I have also worked with a reputable CBD tincture company based in Colorado, I have grown my own plants for 2 harvests, and I am currently studying Horticulture in hopes that when I graduate I can continue the research and study of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids that have medicinal value. I am also studying Soil and Crop Sciences to become involved in industrial hemp. I believe that I can make a change, whether it be in the medical industry, industrial hemp industry, or even just being the reason someone understands the truth behind this plant.


Now, you don’t have to grow up in the backwoods of the Rockies or Humboldt County to understand that this plant has amazing value that is not currently being taken full advantage of. Personally, I grew up in the middle of Iowa and I had never even heard of ‘weed’ until I was 17 and smoking a joint with a boy I had a huge crush on. Possibly, without said boy, I may have never discovered my true love; cannabis!


The point is…. Cannabis can be and should be for everyone. I believe that there is some kind of use, either through medical or industrial, that can benefit everyone. I am going to focus more on the medical side of the plant… that is consuming cannabis. However, I will get into uses and potential of industrial hemp as well.


So after that long and kind of all-over-the-place introduction to myself and my cause, let’s delve into the world of a cannabis lifestyle.


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